Creating a custom "RGPS Championship Ring"

The launch of the RunGood Poker Series Game Seven season is only a month away! August will feature Horseshoe Tunica August 13th - 18th and then the Grand Casino Oklahoma City August 20th - 25th. This season will award every RGPS tournament winner a championship styled ring from our sponsor "Signature Championship Rings. From the $100 RG Turbo to the $575 RG Main Event, a championship styled ring awaits the winner.



Each ring goes through a lengthy custom crafted process. Follow along as each ring goes through the creation process.

June 27th, 2019
The design has entered into the CAD-Phase.
This is where the design truly comes to life through the 3D Printing computer technology that gives, Signature Championship Rings, the details needed to craft the RGPS Championship ring from start to finish. There's nothing fancy about how the design looks in this step, but it's a very important step in the design process. The CAD program tells the machines exactly how to cut the design for exquisite deep detail and size accuracy. 

During the 132 step process, there will be over 45 skilled craftsman on each ring!

July 4th, 2019
A steel mold and a wax ring sample is now being constructed for each ring.
We're getting closer to the fun parts. A wax mold is being cast for each ring in preparation of the casting process. The wax part of the ring will be cast into metal, creating the shape of the ring. All of the artwork and sizes have already been built into the wax casting for the next step, which is the actual metal casting of your rings. So as you can see, we're moving right along!

July 11th, 2019
The Ring Casting Process is underway
At this point all of the wax castings have been constructed, so we're ready for the "metal investment" stage. The investment material looks like milky white liquid that surrounds the wax designs of your ring for the furnace. The point of this stage is to give us the steel mold casting, so we can pour the actual metal of your ring the following day.  The "Investment" cooks in a 1,500 degree furnace for around 12 hours, which melts the wax and leaves an opening in the shape of the ring design. This is known as the most difficult part of the manufacturing process.   
Once the steel mold is ready we melt little metal pellets into liquid, and that melted metal is then poured into the steel mold to create the RunGood Poker Series customized championship ring! The metal ring is finally starting to take shape during this process.
The ring is certainly many steps from being complete, and we don't give sneak peaks, but we promise you some exciting images are coming!


We'll update as soon as more news comes in!
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