Dan Lowery Knocks Out Cash Carpenter

Dan Lowery is eliminating everyone and Cash Carpenter is the latest in a long line of players to bust thanks to Lowery.

According to Lauren Bunch, Carpenter three-bet Lowery holding ace-queen.

"He was raising every hand," said Carpenter, "and I wanted to get off of that table."

The table he was at has Lowery and Bunch, along with Judy Breedlove and Nam Phan. Grant Hinkle was already eliminated from that table and Justin Gardenhire just sat down.

Lowery shoved on Carpenter and Carpenter called his remaining stack. Lowery had pocket kings and held to knock Carpenter out of the tournament. With only five tables currently playing, it might be difficult for Carpenter to dodge Lowery for long, but he has already rebought and finds himself across from Eric Bunch.

Dan Lowery - 87,000
Cash Carpenter - 20,000 

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