Doris Gresik Holds and Dan Martin Reenters

Doris Grisek

Doris Gresik is in a three-way pot with the board reading K♠ Q♥ 9♠ and she is the first to bet, making it 3,000 to go. John Heckenkamp is the lone caller on the button.

The turn is the J♠ and both players check. The river is the 2♥ and both players check again. Grisek turns over two red aces, A♥ A♦ and Heckenkamp's A♠ J♦ is no good.

After the hand, Dan "Wretchy" Martin takes a seat next to Grisek  after busting to Ronny Smith a few minutes earlier. Smith had a set of jacks and held against the open-ended straight draw of Martin.

Doris Grisek - 71,000
John Heckenkamp - 17,000
Ronny Smith - 51,000
Dan Martin - 20,000

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