End of Day 1a Chip Counts

Jovan Sudar 348,500
Eric Kyle 214,000
Cody Collins 203,000
Matthew Stein 186,500
Mike Vanier 179,000
Dave Queen 160,500
Patrick Watkins 154,500
Dan Grossman 116,500
Daniel Thomas 108,500
Kevin Berthelsen 90,500
Joseph Walters 77,500
James Mullin 69,000
Jerry Heathershaw 58,500
Vinh Nguyen 56,500
Scott Buller 55,000
Grant Hinkle 55,000
Scott Allacher 51,500
Jim Indiver 44,500
Mason Hinkle 43,000
JR Reiss 37,500
Steve Huegerich 33,500
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