Gimmie Three Flights: RGPS Global Championship Day 1c Starts at 10

D.J. Alexander bagged Day 1b

Good Morning from the Gulf of Mexico. It's time for the final starting flight of the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship Main Event begins at 10 a.m. So far, 26 players have moved on to Day 2 and they are set to return later today at 7:30 for Day 2.

That of course means, the Day 2 qualifiers from 1c will be in for a long day compared to the other Day 2 qualifiers.

Lauren Bunch is the overall chip leader so far, bagging 138,500 in Day 1b after building a stack in Day 1a, but failing to qualify.

There are 32 players registered so far and the tournament is set to kick off. As with previous flights, the players will start with 15,000 chips for $675 with the option to add an additional 5,000 for $25.

They will play 12 30-minute levels with a break every two hours. The players who make it through Day 1c will have a break before resuming play for Day 2 at 7:30.

You can catch all the action and photos from the RGPS Main Event right here on You can also follow the action on Twitter.

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