Hello Downstream!

RunGood Week has begun at Downstream Casino and Resort last night at 7PM! The $135 RG Pro Bounty kicked off the week with laughter and poker by bringing together 152 players and paying out eighteen spots. The Final Table each received a RGPS Hat and wrote words of encouragement for care packages sent in their name via Operation Gratitude.

$135 RG Pro Bounty Payouts:

First Name Last Name Payout
Frederick Roll $3,000.00
Lori Ferguson $2,600.00
Justin Powell $2,600.00
Kenny Beggett $1,140.00
Brett Nigh $851.00
Michael Kennedy $699.00
William Kochin $616.00
Robert Bryan $540.00
Windell Glass $456.00
Connor Fritz $365.00
Dustin Hill $365.00
Richard Pressler $289.00
Charles Morgan $289.00
Vincent Ramirez $289.00
Richard Rebey $243.00
David Mouiard $243.00
Timothy Black $243.00

Today started one of four one-day tournaments, the $200 RG DeepStack 10K GTD ended registration with 169 entrants more than doubling the guarantee. Tonight features a 7PM $135 Mega Satellite with TEN seats guaranteed. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for photos from every event!

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