RunGood Week at Horseshoe Bossier City has started! The $135 RG Pro Bounty home opener did not disappoint as 206 players came out to bounty hunt with the ultimate goal of taking home a RGPS Championship Ring. After a 4-way chop, the remaining four played out the rest of the tourney for the ring and title. Timothy Gilliam was left standing after the dust settled. A complete list of payouts follows.

Name Payout
Matthew Stroud $4,000
Timothy Gilliam $2,935
Christopher Shaw $2,935
Brandon Gilliam $2,934
Rojelio Montalvo $1,310
Randel English $997
Barry Centers $770
Christopher Mays $604
Calvin Ringo $482
Michelle Wolkomir $391
Jonathan Bard $391
Mary Fowler $391
Jeffrey Wyatt $321
Lucas Hillman $321
Benjamin Mintz $321
Michael Gallup $270
Roy Henry $270
Sean Hardy $270
Joshua Eory $229
Dennis Baker $229
Thomas Lieb $229



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