Josh Wilder Bags Big Stack in Day 1B

Josh Wilder bagged the big stack in Day 1B as 38 more players booked their seats into Day 2 of the RGPS Bossier City Main Event.

Here is the list of all the players who bagged Day 1B.

First Name Last Name Chip Count
Josh Wilder 264,000
Chris Collins 238,000
Chad Justice 219,000
Josh Speer 195,000
Judge Leo Boothe 174,000
Spencer Petree 173,000
Phil Norton 165,000
Greg Stanley 137,000
Brian Leung 135,000
Ben Warloc 123,500
Cody Wightman 122,000
Jeremy Tinsley 121,000
JP Kolb 119,000
Johnny Springer 118,000
Ray Henson 107,000
Charles Semow 102,000
Jon Bennett 102,000
John Jacob 98,000
Chris Ball 92,000
Jeremy Rodriguez 86,000
Bret Watson 82,000
Mike McBarrow 75,000
Yong Suk Choi 74,000
Hayward Rigano 74,000
Raghu Gudala 69,000
Conrad Coppedge 63,000
Laurence Dilday 61,000
Dennis Baker 58,000
Lane LeBlanc 54,000
Ruby Timlin 50,000
Lorne McClard 48,500
John Voris 45,000
Papa Karn 44,000
Roy Turman 38,000
David Smith 37,000
Dewey Kendrick 37,000
Lanell Dykes 33,000
BJ McBrayer 22,000
Matthew Colvin 20,000


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