Paul Strohm is Looking For his Best RGPS Main Event Finish

Paul Strohm is one of the Run Good regulars now ever since he met Grant Hinkle. Strohm's college roommate was dating Hinkle's mother.

Hinkle was invited to join the Monday Night Poker crew in Kansas City two years ago and, as he sits enjoying a glass of wine on the rail, seems like he couldn't be happier with his choice.

He bagged 106,500 earlier today in flight B and is just hanging out to stay up to date on how his friends are doing in flight C.

He has three sons (28,26,24) and Nick, his middle son, is the one who got him into poker in the first place.

For Nick's 21st birthday he bought him a seat in a $500 charity no limit tournament. Nick chopped the prize pool heads up and lost heads up for the trophy. Nick encouraged Strohm to start playing and he eventually did. Since then he has won $22,462 in live tournaments with his first cash coming in 2017.

The semi-retired building technology specialist is looking to top his best previous finish in a Run Good Main Event. He finished 23rd for $1,617 at the Kansas City stop.

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