RG Bossier City Main Event (Day 1C): Internet Sensation in the Field!

Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entrants: 392
Day 1C Entrants: 117
Day 1C Players Remaining: 42

There are a little bit of all flavors in the RG Bossier City Main Event and now we have a YouTube sensation. Chris Authement (pictured) is famous for his hit performance on the show Superhuman where he performed "The Domino" and drew thousands of viewers. 

Authement can also play a little bit of poker is a famous crusher on the site 64spades.com. The live game suits Authement as well as he's playing above the chip average late on Day 2. 

Is there's another photo finish in Authement's future? We'll find out soon. 

Matt Clark
Matt Clark