RG Bossier City Main Event (Day 2): Chris Authement Eliminated 7th ($6,488)

Level 23 (15,000/30,000/5,000)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 6

Average Stack: 1,305,000

The action swirled around Chris Authement (pictured) but he couldn't get his hands on any extra chips. As a result, Authement is out in seventh place. 

Authement moved in for 170,000 in the hijack with 96 and picked up a call from Craig Norals with A8.

The K8♣7♣ flop gave Authement a straight draw and the 6 turn improved him to a pair. The 8 was the last domino to fall for Authement and he is out. Norals cis up to 950,000.
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