RG COuncil Bluffs Main Event (Day 1A): Tabman And Pleskac Running Laps Around The Field

Level 10 (500/1,000/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 76

Tyler Tabman is keeping up with Tony Pleskac as the two players are heads and shoulders above the rest of the Day 1A field. 

The race for the chip lead became a two-player affair midway through Level 8 and will likely remain that way for the rest of the night. Tony Pleskac and Tyler Tabman are the only players over 100,000 and there currently isn't another player playing at least 75,000. 

Both Pleskac and Tabman jumped leaps and bounds up the leaderboard in the last few levels and whether or not they are directly competing against one another, there is a level of pride that comes with bagging the chip lead. 

It will be interesting to see if another player is able to catch up the duo at the top but at this rate, the odds are that one member of the pair will be wearing the yellow jersey at the end of Level 12. 

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