RG Council Bluffs Main Event (Day 1C): Satellite Winners Look to Spin it Up

Level 5 (150/300/25)
Total Entrants: 300

Day 1C Entrants: 74

Players found their way to Council Bluffs for the RunGood Main Event in a variety of different ways. Most players directly bought in and other qualified via live satellite. Two managed to win a seat on 64spades.com and are now trying to work their way toward a cash this weekend. 

Mike Kuney (pictured above) and Jack Wong (pictured below) won a seat on the site and are in action on Day 1C. Both players are in the midst of trying to capture their first RunGood payout. The min-cash for this event should be close to $1,000 and if the pair manages to make it at least that far, they will have a huge ROI to look forward to. For now, though, they are squaring off at the same table as they try to make it out of Day 1C. 

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