RG Council Bluffs Main Event (Day 2): Andy Van Blair Triples In a Strange One

Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 313
Players Remaining 10
Average Stack: 626,000

Andy Van Blair (pictured) doubled up Mickey Stuefen and was down to 140,000 with the blinds about to go up. Van Blair found himself in a spot to double again and Russell Licking put Mike Fouts to the test in the strangest pot of the tournament yet. 

Fouts raised in early position and Licking three-bet to 75,000 from the lojack. Van Blair shoved for 140,000 and Fouts raised again to 300,000. Licking shoved for 1,075,000 and Fouts was suddenly put to a decision for most of his chips.

Fouts folded and the table led out their audible surprise to see Licking turn over 55♠. Van Blair was very live with K♣Q♠. The K10♣4♥ flop put Van Blair in the lead and he held to triple. Fouts claimed to have folded pocket tens.

The chip lead still belongs to Fouts but it could have been much more. if a few things turned different in the hand. The blinds are up and the updated counts are below. 

  1. Thomas Tackett - 260,000
  2. Russell Licking - 780,000
  3. Jon Lawson - 360,000
  4. Chris Horter - 580,000
  5. Joseph Walters - 865,000
  6. Mickey Stuefen - 330,000
  7. Andy Van Blair - 455,000 
  8. Jamie Kerstetter - 300,000
  9. Mike Fouts - 1,590,000
  10. Dan Martin - 750,000
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