RG Council Bluffs Main Event (Day 2): Matt Morfitt Eliminates One, Hits 600K

Level 19 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 319

Players Remaining: 25
Average Stack: 255,000

Matt Morfitt (pictured) has been on the quiet uptick for all of Day 2 and is now in control of close to 10 percent of the chips in play. Morfitt busted out Shaun Burnett and hit the 600,000 mark as a result. 

Burnett moved all-in for 103,000 under the gun with AQ and Morfitt called on the button holding AK♣.

The JJ♠3♠6♠2♠ board held up for Morfitt and he notched the elimination. The field is now down to 25 players with Jesse West on the rail as well.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark