Level 13 (1,500/3,00/500)
Total Entrants: 162
Day 1A + 1B Players Remaining: 37
Chip Average: 87,500

Through two flights of the RGPS Joplin Main Event, 37 players from the 162 who entered have made it to Sunday's Day 2. In the clubhouse lead with 223,500 is Chris Staats, who is trailed by a few players also over 200,000. 

Day 1C begins at 12:00pm CT on Saturday and that is the last chance for players to advance to Championship Sunday and #GetOnTheBoat. Below is a look at the combined chip counts for the first two flights with 20 advancing today and 17 from Day 1A. 

Staats Christopher 223,500
Marn Michael 218,500
Kennedy Todd 210,500
Akins JD 210,000
Roberts Michael 163,500
Haiss Kurt 126,500
Nico Michael 125,500
Lowery Daniel 117,000
Baumhoer Chris 114,500
Gardenhire Justin 101,000
Scarsdale William 99,500
Panelli Alex 97,500
Gonzalez Ramirez Jose Yoel 93,500
Rieck Mike 92,000
Donaldson Marvin 90,000
White Jason 81,000
Spriggs Rodney 77,000
Tebben Jeff 76,500
Lech Michael 76,000
Bennett Roger 70,500
Kittle Linda 69,500
Bennett Jon 65,500
Queen Dave 62,500
Barlow Lou 57,500
Alloway Eugene 52,000
Bunch Lauren 51,000
Holmes Bob 50,000
Wolford Terry 46,000
Conrad Chris 45,000
Forshey Ted 44,500
Hinkle Grant 41,000
Little Bob 40,500
Carpenter Cash 37,500
Baggett Kenny 37,000
Allen Andre 29,500
Hill Dustin 26,000
Prestholt Luke 18,500
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