RG DOWNSTREAM Main Event (Day 1A): Big Shove but no callers

Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 92
Players Remaining: 29

The action folds to Mason Hinkle in the cutoff and he raises to 4,000. Andrew McCollough (pictured) calls in the small blind and Travis Taylor calls in the big.

The flop comes K43♠, and the blinds check to Hinkle, who continues for 4,500. McCollough considers for half a minute and then announces all-in. It's a huge overbet as McCollough has around 100,000 behind. Both opponents quickly fold and McCollough collects the pot.

Andrew McCollough - 113,000
Mason Hinkle - 104,000
Travis Taylor - 74,000

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