RG DOWNSTREAM Main Event (Day 1A): Lead change via Coolerville

Level 10 (800/1600/1600)
Total Entrants: 92
Players Remaining: 29

We arrive at the table to see John Moore (pictured) four-bet to 24,000 over the top of Dan Lowery's 7,200 three-bet. Lowery calls and the flop comes 974♠.

Moore quickly announces all-in and the action is back on Lowery, who goes deep into the tank. After about a minute, Lowery asks for a count and the answer comes back in the neighborhood of 70,000, about two-thirds of Lowery's remaining stack.

Lowery studies his opponent for another minute and then decides to call.

Lowery - T♠T♣
Moore - AA

Moore is well ahead and just needs to dodge a ten or running straight cards to take over the chip lead. The turn brings the 3, leaving Lowery with just one out. The 7 on the river ends the hand and Moore takes over the chip lead.

John Moore - 192,000
Dan Lowery - 37,000

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