RG DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1A): Two Boat Trips for the Price One?

Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1A Entries: 64

 Mark Van Keirsbilck (pictured) left a major impression on the RunGood Tulsa Main Event, cashing in 8th place and earning a seat on the RunGood Cruise. Van Keirsbilck earned effectively $6,500 for the run and has since cashed twice in the weeks leading up to RGPS Joplin. 

A second seat almost came in the mail for Van Keirsbilck today as he made a deep run in the RunGood DeepStack event but fell shy of the win. Undeterred, Van Keirsbilck jumped in the turbo satellite and won his seat to the main event. 

Van Keirsbilck is already building a stack and more than halfway to making his second consecutive RG Main Event Day 2. 

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