RG DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1B): Second Flight Gets Ready To Take Off

Level 1 (25/50)

Yesterday's Day 1A attracted a field of 74 entries and a similar number of players are expected to jump in the action for today's Day 1B. The $100,000 guarantee for the RG Main Event is still over 100 entrants from being hit and today's flight will go a long way toward putting a dent in that figure. 

To join the 17 players who emerged from Day 1A, today's group of players will need to make it through 12 30-minute levels and build their starting stack of 20,000. Registration and unlimited re-entry are available until the start of Level 9 (appx. 4:30 pm) and we should see players register all the way up to then. 

The RG blog has all eyes on Day 1B with play soon to get underway. Be sure to follow along as we are less than two days away from making it to Championship Sunday and awarding the final 10 RG Cruise seats. 

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