RG DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1C): Another Boat Runner Looking for a Second Seat

Level 5 (200/400/50)
Total Entrants: 263
Day 1C Entrants: 101

The theme of this week in DownStream is players using this Main Event as their last chance to #GetOnTheBoat for the RG Cruise. Over three dozen players have already earned their seats in the last few months but no one has managed to pull off the feat of winning a second seat just yet. 

The latest to try and do it is Shane Fuller (pictured), who final tabled the RG Tulsa Main Event and placed sixth. That cash put the career earnings of Fuller over $100,000 with RunGood cashes making up a large percentage of that total. 

Fuller is the owner of four RunGood Main Event cashes since 2016, proving himself to be among the most consistent players on the tour. The money says a player is unlikely to make back-to-back final tables and Fuller is trying to match the footsteps of Greg Jennings, who accomplished that task during the RunGood Spring Brawl. 

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