RG DOWNSTREAM Main Event (Day 1C): Final Flight C chip counts

Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Day 1C Entrants: 143
Total Main Event Entries: 386
Day 1C Players remaining: 23

At the conclusion of Flight C, Luke Prestholt (pictured) bagged up the chip lead with 301,500 chips, besting Justin Gardenhire's Flight B total of 282,500. Simon Webster bagged up the second-most going into Day 2 with 295,000.

In all, 23 players from Flight C have advanced to Day 2. Below are the end-of-flight chip counts for the survivors:

Prestholt Luke              301,500
Webster Simon              295,000
Kays Joshua              256,000
Kuykendall Gary              223,000
Baggett Kenny              156,000
Fuller  Shane              135,500
Kuzawa Janae              134,500
Caron David              123,500
Wu Tricia              116,000
Conrad  Chris              110,500
Queen Dave              108,500
Welko Craig              102,500
Ellis Matt              101,500
Smith Tommy                 89,000
Ledford Lance                 87,000
Darnaby James                 81,500
Liew Chui Foong                 80,000
Lopez John                 73,500
Pearson Adam                 73,000
Forshey Ted                 68,000
Moore Jerry                 63,500
Ramirez Vincent                 50,000
Spriggs Rodney                 30,500


The Day 2 seat assignments will be posted shortly.

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