RG DOWNSTREAM MAIN EVENT (DAY 1C): Final Starting Flight Underway

Level 1 (25/50)
Total Entrants: 162

The third of three starting flights in the RGPS Joplin Main Event is minutes from getting started at DownStream Casino. Through two Day 1 sessions, 37 players have booked their ticket into Sunday's Day 2 and more will follow in their footsteps by the time 6:45 pm rolls around. 

Just like the other Day 1s, players face 12 30-minute levels and have a starting stack of 20,000 to build off of. Late registration and unlimited re-entry are available until the start of Level 9 (4:30 pm) and the total prize pool will be calculated after that point. 

Chris Staats leads the field with 223,500 and it will be interesting to see if any players from this flight can come close to catching him. 

The RG blog has all updates for this flight as we approach Championship Sunday and the last chance to #GetOnTheBoat. 

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