RG DOWNSTREAM Main Event (Day 1C): Kays adds to his lead

Level 9 (600/1200/1200)
Total Day 1C Entrants: 145

A player limps in early position and Mike Marn overlimps. Josh Kays (pictured) raises to 4,200 on the button and both players call.

The dealer spreads a flop of Q♣J♠2♣. The action checks to Kays and he continues for 8,300. The early limper calls and Marn folds.

The turn adds the K♣ to the board, bringing in a possible flush. The early position player checks and Kays bets 35,000, which is enough to put is opponent all-in. The early position player thinks it over for half a minute and then releases.

This pot puts Kays comfortably in the chip lead.

Kays - 348,000

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