Level 25 (25000/50000/50000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 1
Chip Average: 7,720,000

The surprising thing about McKenney, Texas, resident Simon Webster winning the RGPS Downstream Main Event isn't that he won it. He's had 29 cashes this year for $178,735, including 10 final tables and one championship. It's that he overcame an 7½-to-1 chip disadvantage take the whole thing down.

When heads-up play began between Webster and second-place finisher Daniel Lowery ($27,406), Webster held 915,000 chips to Lowery's 6,805,000. Webster won a couple small pots and then received a full double up in a key hand when Webster hit a set on the turn.

The blinds were 20,000/40,000, and with the board reading Q♠T8♣2, Lowery bet 80,000 and Webster called. The river paired the board with the 8♠. Lowery checked and Webster shoved all-in for 900,000. Lowery quickly called and Webster tabled 22♣ for runner-runner full house. After the hand, Webster held 2,125,000 chips.

Half an hour later, Webster again doubled when both players picked up big aces. Lowery raised on the button to 150,000 and Webster three-bet to 475,000. Lowery considered for a few seconds and then announced, "All in." Webster immediately called. Webster turned over A♣K♠, dominating Lowery's A♠J. The flop came 9♠55♣, opening up the possibility of a chopped pot. The turn added the A to the board. With a jack, Lowery would take the title, with anything else, Webster would assume the chip lead. The 3 completed the board and Lowery shipped 2,285,000 chips over to Webster.

In the final hand of the match, with the blinds at 25,000/50,000, Lowery called on the button and Webster checked his option. The flop came J♣8♣6. Webster led out for 75,000 and Lowery quickly raised to 200,000. Webster called and the dealer added the 4 to the board. Webster checked and Lowery moved all-in. Webster snap-called, saying, "I call, I have the nuts," showing 75 for the nut straight with a straight-flush redraw.

"Do you really?" Lowery asked, turning over 6♠5 for a pair and a gutshot. Lowery could only chop the pot, but the 2♠ came on the river and it was all over. Webster had taken down the championship and its $44,391 top prize.

Congratulations, Simon, for your epic run in the Main Event!

This tournament marks the conclusion of the RGPS Old West tour. RunGood would like to thank all of the players and staff at Downstream for making the RGPS such an exciting and fun-filled week! We broke the attendance record for the main event and paid out record prizes as a result. We couldn't do it without you!

The RGPS spring season schedule will be announced next week. We can hardly wait to tell you what's in store.

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