RG Downstream Main Event (Day 2): Ellis bluffs one through

Level 14 (500/2000/4000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 31
Average chips: 128,387

As level 14 winds down, Matt Ellis opens the pot for 10,500 from the cutoff and David Kimbuell calls from the big blind. The flop brings K♠9♠3♠ and Kimbuell checks it. Ellis quickly bets 12,000 and Kimbuell calls.

The turn is the 6♦ and Kimbuell checks again. Ellis goes into the tank, eyes darting from the pot to his opponent and back again the entire time. After half a minute, Ellis announces all in. Kimbuell sighs and mucks his hand. Ellis has Kimbuell covered in chips.

"This is my only bluff tonight," Ellis says, and turns over A♣3♦. "Or maybe I wasn't bluffing."

"I had the nut flush draw," Kimbuell replies.

Matt Ellis - 178,000
David Kimbuell - 59,000

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