RG Downstream Main Event (Day 2): Updated chip counts

Level 16 (1000/3000/6000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 25
Average chips: 159,200

We are back from break. The 500-chips have been raced off and we are headed to the money bubble. Of the 25 players remaining, only 10 players have above-average chip stacks. Those players are:

Grant Hinkle - 458,000
Jesse Jones - 451,000
Li Wu - 245,000
Craig Dick - 242,000
JD Hays - 223,000
Matt Ellis - 215,000
Anthony Howell - 197,000
Byron Tipton - 177,000
Michael Frederick - 168,000
Chuck Chadwick - 163,000

Chadwick relayed to us that he was the one who knocked out RG Pro Daniel Lowery when his AxJx held up against Lowery's Ax8x in a hand where both players were all in before the flop.

Last woman standing Joyce Thomas is the short stack with 64,000.

Mark Slatcher
Mark Slatcher