RG Kansas City Main Event (Day 1B): The Adventures Of Uncle Ron Continue

Level 5 (200/400/50)
Total RG Main Event Day 1B Entries: 116
Total RG Main Event Entries: 239

America's favorite railbird, Uncle Ron, is in Day 1B and brought his watermelon with him. 

Uncle Ron is the best railbird in poker for a reason. He brings luck to everyone who is fortunate enough to have his mustache at their final table with his nephews, Blair and Grant Hinkle, receiving the primary benefit of his elite skills. 

We first saw Uncle Ron in the RunGood Series in Council Bluffs when he played in the main event but was unable to make the money. Since then, Uncle Ron has added a lucky watermelon to his repertoire. He was dealt the unfortunate ruling of not being able to use the watermelon as a card protector but still brings it to all of his tables as the clover charm.

It is still early on Day 1B but Uncle Ron making a run and having his own rail would make for a great role reversal. 

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