RG MAIN EVENT (DAY 1C): Charles Scarsdale Attempts to Join his Father in Day 2

Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total Entrants: 280
Day 1C Entrants: 118

The local poker community is tight-knit in this neck of the woods and family combos playing together is the norm. Charles Scarsdale (pictured) is playing on Day 1C and over his shoulder, his father, Bill Scarsdale, who bagged on Day 1A, is grinding some cash before Day 2 starts tomorrow. 

The younger Scarsdale is gradually building his tournament resume and is looking for a score to close out the year. So far today, Charles is gradually building his stack as the second break of the day approaches. 

The Scarsdale's are playing to earn their seat onboard the RunGood Cruise this weekend and the odds swing more in their favor with each passing level. 

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