RG NKC Main Event (Day 1A): Jacob Seales the chip lead

Level 9 (600/1200/200)
Day 1A entries: 82
Players remaining: 28
Average chip stack: 58,571

Jacob Seale (pictured) just took the chip lead, knocking out a player in the process. The action folds to Seale in the cutoff and he raises to 4,000. Ryan Anderson calls from the small blind and James Mackey overcalls from the big.

The flop is Q♦7♣3♣. Both blinds check and Seale checks behind. The turn brings the A♦, putting a second flush draw on board. The blinds again check over to Seale. This time, he bets 6,000. Anderson folds and Mackey goes into action, cutting out a raise to 17,500.

Seale thinks for a moment and makes the call. The river is the 2♦, completing the backdoor flush. Undeterred, Mackey leads the river for 37,000. Seale immediately announces he's all in. After a count, the bet is 73,100.

Mackey has less than 30,000 behind and is in obvious pain, but resigns himself to this pot and calls, showing A♥Q♠. Top two pair isn't good enough as Seale tables J♦8♦ for the flush, taking the pot and the chip lead in the process.

Jacob Seale - 162,000
James Mackey - Out

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