RG NKC Main Event (Day 1B): Evans gets some back

Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1B entries: 132

Seth Evans (pictured) is an RGPS alumn, playing events at multiple stops last fall and this spring.  The U.S. military veteran nearly doubled his stack in the early going, but fell below 20,000 when his nut straight couldn't hold against his opponent's set; the board paired and Evans's stack fell to around 15,000. 

But all that is in the past as Evans opens the pot from middle position for 1,600. He gets one caller in the big blind. The flop comes K♦6♥2♣ and the big blind checks. Evans continues for 2,500 on the flop.

The big blind thinks for a bit, counts down his stack, and puts in a raise to 6,000.  Without hesitation, Evans moves all in for 11,400 total. The big blind has Evans covered, but decides discretion is the better part of valor and lets this one go.

Seth Evans - 21,200

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