RG NKC Main Event (Day 1B): Limping along

Level 12 (1200/2400/400)
Day 1B entries: 141
Total entries: 223
Day 1B players remaining: 34
Average stack (Day1B): 82,941

James Poole limps for 2,400 from under the gun and Charles Aron limps two seats later. The action folds to James Mackey in the small blind. Mackey completes to 2,400 and Derrick Contreras checks his option in the big blind.

We're four ways to the flop, which comes A♦7♠6♦. Everyone checks to Aron who bets 14,000. Mackey and Contreras fold. Poole thinks for a bit and then calls.

The turn is the 6♠. Poole checks. Aron immediately moves all in and Poole snap calls for less, putting himself at risk.

Poole - A♥Q♠
Aron - 7♣6♥

Aron's full house has Poole's two pair crushed, but Poole can catch one of the remaining two aces in the deck to stay alive. The dealer flips the river onto the felt, the 2♦, and Poole hits the rail.

Charles Aron - 146,100
James Poole - Out

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