Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 191
Day 1B players remaining: 44

Day 1C has come to an end with 44 players joining 33 from Day 1B and 12 from Day 1A to return Saturday. RG Pro Daniel Lowery (pictured) topped the leaderboard for Day 1C and the combined field, surpassing Day 1B's chip leader Corey Blevins.

The complete leaderboard at the close of Day 1C is shown below:

Daniel "Duma" Lowery          237,000
Ted Forshey          217,000
Doug Glasscock          196,000
James Mackey          185,500
Saied Moradi          145,500
Nikhil Behl          144,000
Huey Long          139,000
Scott Buller          123,500
Sarah Zeluf          117,500
Brandon Zallar          117,000
Tony Birney          114,500
Mazin Jabr          111,500
Rodney Spriggs          111,000
Christopher Authement          100,000
Rohman Viar             92,000
Brad Miller             87,000
Robert Wetsel             85,500
Matt Donaldson             83,000
Lance Burkholder             79,000
Tommy Bui             76,500
Cory Roberts             76,000
Antwyn Brown             74,000
Daniel Stone             73,500
Papa Karn             72,500
Randall Adkins             71,500
Vinodh Subramaniyan             70,500
Henry Johnson             70,500
Paul Strohm             68,500
Frederick Alkire             64,000
Jerry Young             63,000
Jalen Heald             62,000
Mark Stumpff             55,500
Matt Riffel             50,500
Thomas Houston             45,000
Aric Howe             44,000
Anthony Wallace             42,500
Keith Murrell             41,000
Joe Mahon             39,500
Ketsana Phetsomphou             39,000
Christopher Juul             37,000
Travis Wentworth             36,500
Nicholas Cotter             23,500
Uncle Ron             23,000
Tim Garles             16,500


Day 2 will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday. Blind levels on Day 2 will be 45 minutes each until the final table, where the levels will be 60 minutes each.

We await the official payout structure and Day 2 seat assignments and will bring them to you as soon as they are available.

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