RG NKC Main Event (Day 1C): Uncle Ron is in the house

Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1C entries: 154

Uncle Ron, Mason Hinkle's alter-ego, is in the house. Today's fashion disaster is a red sailor's cap, silver rain slicker--with a black fanny pack slash utility belt worn on top--khaki shorts, tennis shoes, and last but not least, over-sized sunglasses.

Originally created to ward off boredom while railing his brothers, Grant and Blair, at both poker and sporting events, Uncle Ron has become a regular part of most RGPS stops. The outrageous outfits change from stop to stop, but the spirit is all good fun. 

Mason is playing a shorter stack of 12,800, but is enjoying his time at the table with Craig Dick on his left. And we have the pictures to prove it.

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