Level 22 (15000/25000/25000)
Total Entrants: 391
Players remaining: 9
Chip average: 868,888

The action folds to Matt Donaldson in the cutoff who shoves all in for 370,000. Brandon Zallar, next-to-act, shoves all in for less, 310,000. Everyone else folds and the hands are turned up.

Matt Donaldson - A♦Q♠
Brandon Zallar - Q♣Q♦

The flop all but clinches it for Zallar when the case queen hits the board: Q♥9♦3♠. Donaldson will need running aces to come from behind in the hand The turn ends it when the 8♥ hits the felt. The river 3♥ completes the board.

Brandon Zallar - 685,000
Matt Donaldson - 60,000

On the next two hands, Donaldson moved all in and survived, to regain some chips, but is still short with around 200,000.



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