RG NKC Main Event (Day 2): Grant Hinkle on a rush

Level 15 (2500/5000/500)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 50
Average chips: 169,200

Grant Hinkle has been very active of late, raising the last three consecutive hands, but that doesn't mean a lot of chips are going in the middle.

In the first hand, Joe Walters limps from under-the-gun for 5,000 and Hinkle raises on the button to 15,000. The blinds fold and Walters calls.

The flop comes Q♦T♣7♣. Walters checks and Hinkle continues for 15,000. Walters folds.

In the next hand, the action folds to Hinkle in the cutoff and he raises to 10,000. It folds to Walters in the big blind, who three-bets to 30,000.  Hinkle thinks for a few moments and then asks how much Walters has behind. Walters has around 200,000 but only answers with a shrug. Hinkle thinks some more and then folds.

In the next hand, the action folds to Hinkle in the hijack and he raises to 10,000. The action folds to Robert Meyers in the big blind and he calls.

The flop comes A♠K♥4♣ and both players check. The turn is the 3♣ and again both players check. The river is the 7♣ and both players check it down.

Hinkle turns over T♠T♥ for a pair of tens. Meyers begins to turn over his cards, but seeing Hinkle has a pair, he mucks instead.

Grant Hinkle - 182,000

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