RG NKC Main Event (Day 2): We are in the money!

Level 16 (3000/6000/1000)
Entrants: 423
Players remaining: 45
Average chips: 188,000

We are officially in the money!  Robert Meyers opens from late position to 18,000 and James Mackey (pictured) three-bets to 35,000. The action folds back to Meyers who moves all-in for around 60,000. Mackey snap-calls and after waiting for hands at other tables to finish, the hands are turned up.

Mackey - A♦K♣
Meyers - A♣T♠

Mackey has the dominant kicker and we're five cards away from being in the money or back to bubble play.

The board runs out clean for Mackey, 9♥5♣4♦5♠2♠, and we are officially in the money!

James Mackey - 161,000

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