RG Tulsa Main Event (Day 1A): Field Ticking Up, Ben Reason Off to a Good Start

Level 1 (25/50)
Day 1A Entrants: 47

As it usually goes with the early levels of a Main Event-structured tournament, the field is gradually picking up steam so far on Day 1A. Level 1 is about to tick over to Level 2 and the field stands at 47 entrants. That figure will obviously grow in the next few hours and the RunGood blog will be sure to keep tabs on the number. 

Among the players in the early field is RunGood's Ben Reason (pictured). Reason managed to pick up a pot of relative value in the early going and is playing over 30,000 as a result. 

On a board of 10♣96♣Q♣, Reason's opponent bet 3,000 from middle into a pot of close to that amount. Reason called in the hijack to the 6 river and called 4,000 more on the final street. Reason's K♠K was good against A♣Q and he scooped the pot.

We'll keep an eye on Reason and the rest of the RunGood field as the first flight continues to move forward. 

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