RG Tulsa Main Event (Day 1A): Phillip Teel Lighting It Up

Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Day 1A Entrants: 84
Players Remaining: 28

The look for the overall chip leader two-thirds of the way through Day 1A. Phillip Teel (pictured) sits behind a stack of 185,000 and is far out in front of any immediate competitors. 

Teel started his stack building journey at the table that included Bryan Campanello, Daniel Lowery, and Keith Ferrera. All three of those RunGood pros have to wait until tomorrow to try again and Teel appears to be a beneficiary of some of their lost chips. 

A cash in this week's RG Main Event would be the first in a RG tournament for Mr. Teel, who first tried telling us his name was Burt Macklin. Teel may not be an FBI agent yet but he's playing the part of undercover as he methodically chips up in the latter stages of Day 1A. 

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