RG Tulsa Main Event (Day 1B): Dream, Declare, Deliver for Kristina Donaldson

Level 2 (50/100)
Day 1B Entrants: 95
Total Entrants: 166

The added bonus of a cruise being awarded for making the final table of a RG Main Event has added a fun touch to the current season. Players haven't been shy about announcing their intentions to win one on social media and Kristina Donaldson is now in the second step of her plan. 

Donaldson won her seat into today's Main Event by qualifying in a live satellite. Qualifiers have been running all week and Donaldson was able to get in at discounted rate.

This tournament marks the first "main event" for Donaldson and she is now in search of a bag to make a Day 2 appearance. There is a long way to go for Donaldson to make the final table but for now, she is just enjoying the ride. 


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