RG Tulsa Main Event (Day 1B): First Break Arrives, Field Nears 200 Total Entrants

Level 4 (150/300/25)
Day 1B Entrants: 119

Total Entrants: 180

The turnstiles at the registration line continue to turn over with the field up to 119 on the first break of the day. In total, the field is approaching 200 total entrants and will likely hit that mark before the end of the registration period. 

Late registration and re-entry are open until the start of Level 9 (4:30 pm) and then all players who enter after that point will be in Day 1C.

One player who is hoping to avoid having to play the final flight is RunGood's Dan Lowery (pictured). You might know Lowery for his recent Choctaw Main Event win but he is also an accomplished basketball coach. More about that subject and his chance encounter with the late Pat Summit can be found here.  

The RunGood blog will return at the start of Level 5 to pickup coverage as the flight nears the midway point. 

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