RG TULSA MAIN EVENT (DAY 1C): Prize Pool Information

Level 10 (800/1,600/200)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 381
Total RG Main Event Day 1C Entries: 126
Players Remaining: 50
Chip Average: 50,400

This weekend's RG Tulsa Main Event has been nothing but a success so far and that is fully captured by the record-breaking entries in the field. A field of 381 entered over the course of three flights to create a prize pool of $224,790. 45 players will make the money in this event with first place taking home $51,710.

All players who reach the final table will walk away with at least $5,035 and a min-cash overall is worth $1,236. The money bubble will burst shortly after play starts on Day 2 but before we get that far, it remains to be seen how many players are left at the end of Day 1C. A look at the payouts for the RG Tulsa Main Event is below. 

  1. $51,710
  2. $31,920
  3. $21,243
  4. $14,724
  5. $11,127
  6. $8,654
  7. $7,193
  8. $5,957
  9. $5,035
    10-12. $3,844
    13-15. $2,900
    16-18. $2,180
    19-27. $1,798
    28-36. $1,461
    37-45. $1,236
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