RG Tunica Main Event (Day 1A): Day 1A Chip Counts

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/3,000)
Day 1A Entrants: 145
Players Remaining: 25

Player Chip Count
Jones, Jesse 287,000
Ingles, Jared 242,500
Roberts, Michael 213,000
Allison, Anthony 201,000
Seale, Jacob 199,000
Friedman, Jay 173,000
Holler, Billy 155,000
Gardenhire, Justin 145,000
Pham, Be 142,000
DeBerry, Sean 131,000
Smith, David 105,500
Bukvic, Dushan 90,000
Moneymaker, Chris 74,500
Nguyen, Hung 72,500
Giron, Freddy 71,000
Roberts, Bob 67,000
Therrell, Sim 62,000
Muruako, Michael 55,500
Alarcon, Carlos 52,000
Law, Chun 51,000
Griffith, Danny 50,500
Jaser, Nassar 48,500
Roland, Calaeb 46,000
Holrn, Huey 40,500
Vining, Danny 36,000
McCoy, John 33,500
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