RG Tunica Main Event (Day 1A): Lowery Finishes On Top, Neill Close Behind

Level 12 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 156
Players Remaining: 37

Patrick Neill "rolled" over the Day 1A field and put 186,000 in the bag for Sunday's Day 2. 

Approximately 25 percent of the Day 1A field is on to Day 2 with play officially concluded for the night. A total of 37 players advanced from the flight and leading the way is RunGood ambassador Dan Lowery.

It was an interesting day for Lowery, who busted midway through the flight after peaking at 90,000 in the early levels. Lowery re-entered following his exit and built his new stack to 204,000 with a large portion of it coming in the last two levels of the night.

Behind Lowery on the leaderboard is Patrick Neill, who put 186,000 after coming on strong toward the end of the flight. 

Lowery's stack gives him 68 big blinds coming into Day 2 and sets a high bar for tomorrow's players to shoot for. The full list of chip counts will be posted when they are available. Below is a look at the top of the Day 1A leaderboard. 

Dan Lowery - 204,000
Patrick Neill - 186,000
Tim Burt - 156,000
Christopher Chromister - 152,000
Danny Williams - 132,000
Barry Schultz - 131,000


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