RG Tunica Main Event (Day 1B): Let's Get It Started

Double Flight Saturday is here in Tunica with the first of two starting flights about to kick off. Day 1B opens at 12:00 pm with the $100,000 guarantee in sight. A total of 124 entrants bought in on Day 1A and 28 advanced with Justin Gardenhire bagging the chip lead of 200,000. 

That flight size hopes to be the smallest of the three Day 1s with August's magic number of 582 dangling in sight. 

As always, players start with 20,000 chips and have 12 30-minute levels to brave before bagging and tagging for Sunday's Day 2. There are breaks after ever four levels and the registration period concludes at the start of Level 9 (4:30 pm) for Day 1B. A full structure sheet can be found here

The RG blog has all the coverage from Day 1B with a slew of locals and familiar faces from the circuit here to compete for the RunGood Cup. 

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