RG Tunica Main Event (Day 2): Down to Four Tables, Montoya Exacts Revenge

Level 17 (5,000/10,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 536
Players Remaining: 36
Average Stack: 298,000

Thomas Montoya was close to bagging on Day 1A before Jacob Seale put a bad beat on him at the end of the night. Montoya recovered to bag yesterday and is peaking on Day 2 after busting Seale. 

Down to only 65,000, Seale was all-in with Q♣10♣ and ran into the A♣A♠ of Montoya. Seale flopped a queen but improved no further to bust shy of his second RunGood final table.

Nine players from the three table redraw, Montoya is up to 380,000.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark