RG TUNICA MAIN EVENT (Day 2): Field Into The Money, Troutman Still on Top

Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 67
Chip Average: 174,000

Jeremy Anglin eliminated Ron Cain on the stone bubble and the RG Main Event field is in the money. 

Shortly after the start of Level 16, the money bubble burst and the remaining 67 players have earned themselves at least $805.

In one of the hands that led to the bubble being burst, David Troutman extended his chip lead by knocking a player out while taking some additional chips from Spencer Petree. Tab Bennett opened to 13,000 under the gun and the player on his left shoved for 81,000. Petree called on the button and Troutman came along from the small blind. Bennett thought for a minute and kicked his hand in.

The Q9♠5 flop was checked through and Troutman bet about 120,000 on the A turn. Petree flicked his cards and open-folded JJ. Troutman flipped up A♠Q♠ and was ahead of his opponent's A♣K. The river bricked and Troutman collected the massive pot to chip up to almost 800,000. Petree is holding on to 210,000.

With the field officially into the money, a look at the post-bubble leaderboard along with the payouts. 

David Troutman - 790,000
Gates Harris - 520,000
Tim Brice - 470,000
Stephen Lee - 450,000
Jeremy Anglin - 380,000
David Nicholson - 320,000
Tab Bennett - 315,000
Chun Law - 300,000
Chanda Davis - 300,000

1. $58,797
2. $36,883
3. $24,455
4. $17,239
5. $12,829
6. $9,328
7. $8,018
8. $6,548
9. $5,212
10-12. $4,276
13-15. $3,394
16-18. $2,539
19-27. $1,898
28-36. $1,310
37-45. $1,149
46-54. $855
55-67. $805

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