RG Tunica Main Event (Day 2): Michael Pelt Eliminated 9th ($5,360)

Level 24 (25,000/50,000/50,000)
Total Entrants: 536
Players Remaining: 8
Average Stack: 1,340,000

Michael Pelt's chips went to Dan Lowery at the start of the final table and the rest of them now belong to the chip leader. 

Pelt opened to 115,000 in the hijack and Lowery called in the small blind. Dennis Thurman made it a threesome from the big blind to the A9♣4 flop. The blinds checked and Pelt shoved for 515,000.

Lowery reshoved and Thurman finished his business in the hand. Pelt turned over 98 for a pair and flush draw combo against the A♠5♠ of Lowery.

The 4 turn removed Pelt's two pair outs and the 10 river officially eliminated him. Pelt takes ninth place to compliment his third-place run from April's RG Main Event in Tunica.  

Lowery's chip lead is worth half of the total in play. 

Dan Lowery - 5,000,000
Michael Pelt - Eliminated 

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