The Closer kicked off at 2:00pm Sunday, as the final event to accumulate Casino Champion points.  With 82 entries, the prize pool totaled $10,496.  Preston McEwen was the Champion, winning $3,359, 12.5 insignificant Casino Champion points, and the final All-Star ring of the series.  The final table of the Main Event is still in play.  Jacob Seale still has a chance to capture the Casino Champion title but will need a 5th place finish or better.  A complete list of winners is listed below.

Place Amount Name Casino Champ Pts
1 $3,359 Preston McEwen 12.5
2 $2,099 Travis Riggs 10
3 $1,375 Charles Carpenter 8.75
4 $997 Li Wu 7.5
5 $735 Daniel Lowery 6.25
6 $577 Timothy Davis 5
7 $504 Jerry Jones 3.75
8 $451 Tracy Ivy 2.5
9 $399 Justin Milam 1.25
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