RGPS Bossier City Horseshoe Main Event Profile: Jeff Wyatt

Jeff Wyatt just raised to 700 preflop and got five callers. He surrendered on the turn when a player check-raised him on the [qh][qc][7c][7h] board.

Wyatt is a familiar face around Bossier City and was born and raised here. His grandmother was one if 16 children and his mother was one of ten, "and they all live here."

He's currently working in real estate and is a retired fireman. Wyatt's been married for 28 years and has two children. His son's getting ready to graduate from Louisiana Tech and his daughter is the 2015 Youth Sorting and Roping champion.

"I have no talent whatsoever, I just provide for them," Wyatt said.

His father, who recently passed away, was the City Marshall.

Wyatt is a true Bossier city regular and gained some attention from the blog last time the RGPS came through Bossier when he shoved on the third hand of the Main Event with [qx][3x] and won.
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